HarberAL Metallic Ceramic Liner

HarberAL Metallic Ceramic Liner

HarberAL metallic ceramic liner is high-tech product that has very good abrasion resistance, corrosion-resistance, high temperature, heat & mechanical impact performance. With the same perfect hardness and chemical inertia as aluminum oxide, and the same strength and tenacity as steel, it is a high-caliber lining. This metallic ceramic material has very high mechanical impact resistance, and can be used in an extremely abrasive environment where there are strong mechanical impacts, such as the appearance of larger size rocks.

Currently, high chromium pipes are widely used where heavy erosion exists, such as in firepower plants, coal mines, iron mines, metallurgical mills, etc,. Pipes used in these places are frequently abraded, especially in curved sections. In such applications, high chromium pipes are currently considered to be the most economical product. However…
The life of HarberAL lined pipes is over 10 times that of high chromium pipes BUT the price is nearly the same as high chromium pipes.

HarberAL Metallic Ceramic Liner


  • Oil Sands
  • Coal Minds
  • Power Plants
  • Agricultural Milling


  • Low maintenance
  • Longer working life
  • Quicker delivery vs. overlay
  • Lower cost than chrome overlay

Lining Hardness

  • 1,150 HV
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