Customer Testimonials

“We have been using Harber Coatings Inc. for lots of our oil and gas piping jobs. This has saved tons of money on fabrication time, materials and coating costs. This InnoGUARD coating has held up to high chlorides, highly abrasive and high heat applications. This coating is better than Devoe for us as per all the flange breaks and grinding of the root passes in the system. To use Devoe, you need to install break flanges everywhere in the system and there are so many restrictions to fabrication, creating high dollar amounts for welding and materials.”
Jason Burke
Welding/Mechanical/Field Planner
Quinn Contracting Ltd.
Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada


“We have been very fortunate to find Harber Coatings Inc’s InnoGUARD coating as an excellent selling feature for new and replacement parts we manufacture. In the past, phosphate had been used on these parts and within 1-year there were signs of corrosion and pitting. With the InnoGUARD coating they look new like the day they were bought. This is an awesome coating that saves time, money and is virtually inexpensive to do. Ken Wang and the rest of the people at Harber Coatings understand the oil field requirements and will get the job done to meet your required deadline. Great product and service every time!”

Dean Hartley
Specialty Pressure Services Inc.
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
“Harber Coatings Inc.’s InnoGUARD coating has solved many issues for us at TechWest Inc. from metal corrosion & abrasion resistance for part/tool durability.  It saves us material costs and the parts/tools last much longer for our clients. We like to use this coating on seal surfaces to make the seals last longer in a down hole environment, even in extreme heat situations.  Harber’s competitive coating price combined with their no flaking or peeling warranty is a big selling point for us, even in overseas applications.  We can coat carbon steel which gives us the metallurgy we are looking for to make our equipment work as required and it still outperforms expensive metals. There is a lot less field downtime and disposed parts which adds long-term savings and most importantly customer retention.”
Brian Krebs
TechWest Inc.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada